Two gay men gaze across a valley at sunset.

“The unique ability our generation has is being able to pass on our experience of living our LGBTQ+ lives, and that cannot be overstated.”

David Ledain

Here you will find facts every gay man needs to know, celebrate and be proud of.

Hot Little Gay Book Series 1-5

Five topics, each of interest to men who have sex with men, and by themselves: Masturbation, Oral Sex, Cruising, Anal Sex & Kink.

Explore and enjoy the pleasures of gay sex. Get to new heights of eroticism. Be creative in your sexual desires … more…

How many gay men end up marrying women? Ten gay men, from all walks of life, tell their fascinating stories… more…

Why, against all odds, do homosexuals exist? This book uncovers the myths & answers this & many other questions… more…

How do I have sex with a man? From the first time, to kink interests & everything in between… more…

For LGBTQ+ people, sharing our life experiences is vital in letting others know they are not alone… more…

Two gay men gaze across a valley at sunset.

There is a universality to the stories in “Gay Dad.” I think gay dads from many countries and cultures will find some part of themselves within these pages. 

DAChristel on Gay Dad

With the rise in the LGBTQ+ voice, this is a timely book that could fit easily into a study of body, gender and sexuality. Ledain has clearly done a great deal of research.

C.T. on This Forbidden Fruit

What on earth is there left to learn? Well, a lot – once you dive deep into David’s comprehensive, methodical and totally unjudgmental account of the many ways men pleasure men.

McBear on Having Gay Sex