This Forbidden Fruit

Male Homosexuality: A Culture & History Guide

Why, against all odds, do homosexuals exist?

What are the significant dates and events in our LGBTQ+ history, often untold and airbrushed from the records? And why have societies differed so in their acceptance, or not, of homosexuals through the ages?

This Forbidden Fruit uncovers the myths and answers these and many other questions about male homosexuality and the importance homosexuals have played throughout history in contributing to culture and art. Also, the stories of the many brave men who struggled for acceptance and equality; from the Buggery Act of 1533 to the Sexual Offences Act of 1967, and gender and sexual identity in the armed forces in 2000.

We need to own our past so that in our own era we can build a modern gay story. I hope this book, in some small way, does that by telling the stories of homosexual men who have, often unknowingly, shown society the importance of diversity, equality and tolerance.