Telling the LGBTQ+ Story

Here you will find real-life stories, history and some facts about the LGBTQ+ community you might not already know and some you will. Whichever it is, I hope you find these blogs useful and interesting enough to pass them on.

Starting afresh in 2022

A virgin diary with its clean unblemished pages, perfectly encaptulates the promise of what can be, the unknown future adventures and the expanse of time in which to have them.

How To Tell Your LGBTQ+ Story

It is a time in which LGBTQ+ people especially, are finding their voices and are being listened to. This is just as vital to us as individuals as it is to those within our immediate circles, and wider society.

Why we keep Diaries

Why do we keep diaries? Who do we write our memoirs for exactly, even to the point of editing parts of our daily life out?


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