Hot Little Gay Book: 1-5

Hot Little Gay Book is a series of five books, each on a specific topic for men who have, or are curious about, gay sex.

No 1 is all about Masturbation. How to explore and enjoy its pleasures, get to new heights of edging eroticism, and includes a hot masturbation guide based on Tantric massage techniques for the best solo sex you will have with yourself.

No 2 is all about Oral Sex. How to get beyond the gag reflex and worship the phallus. Discover what semen tastes like and the joy of cum-play.

No 3 is all about Cruising. A fundamental part of gay culture, whether in the woods, at the sauna or in public toilets, what are the unwritten rules? And why do so many men enjoy the highly charged eroticism of anonymous sex with other men in public spaces?

No 4 is all about Anal Sex. Discover your prostate and learn techniques that will teach your body to relax and get you to new heights of sensory overload.

No 5 is all about Kink. From fetishes like BDSM to kinky furry play, the gay community has a thriving kink subculture. What is it about and why are so many gay men drawn to its intense pleasures?